Model Marketing


A model’s success is dependent on the quality of the promotional material which she has. Independent research studies have shown that if you aspire to become a model then sending in amateur photographs of yourself is the least likely path to success. Decision makers within the industry will almost always want to work with models who are committed and have some prior experience, with the vast majority historically relying on professional portfolios in order to commission models.

This is where Kube’s team with many decades of experience can really help .

We offer  bespoke services to those seeking to break into modelling, giving advice, guidance and providing the key tool that no model can work without – a professional model CV: the Portfolio.


Z Cards, otherwise known a Comp Cards, act as a model business card, CV, and Portfolio. They are the expected standard presentation and what every model at every agency uses to market themselves. We provide both multiple high quality hard copies, and emailable PDF copies. All Z Cards are created on a bespoke basis for each of our clients

Kube’s reputation is built on our attention to detail. Before producing your Portfolio we ensure your images are edited and retouched to a high standard to show you off in the most attractive and professional way

Your Portfolio will include  a number of retouched images, your personal details, contact details, and will be created according to the field of modelling that you are looking to break into.