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WE are constantly asking our clients for feedback, and possibly the best place to see live, original, and honest reviews and testimonials is on our Twitter page at

Here are a few testimonials received recently and below that a few jobs that have recently been achieved by models that came through us, joined an agency, and then went on to find paid work (most of these can all be found on our Twitter feed).

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25th January 2017 – Rylee Fenn has now been selected to appear in a BT Broadband Commercial in February and will be paid £3,000 buyout for this.

 25th January 2017 – Vodafone Commercial

22 Kube Clients chosen by casting director through Spotlight

24th January 2017 – Paddington Bear 2: Excited Parents of Drew Joshi had this to say

“I just wanted to say that we are delighted that we have had our first casting call for Paddingron Bear 2 from Celebrity Booker through Stuart. We are thrilled to bits. Thanks so much for introducing us to them..they are very friendly and efficient and we are lucky to be on their books.

21st January 2017 – 7 Kube clients casting for Lucozade Advert

Picked to play friends of the boxer Anthony Joshua – well done to Jordan Shearn, Robert Hargrave, Nero Patterson, Ali Ali, Faizal Kiyingi, Imran Zaman Ali, and Ivan Sofineti

19th January 2017 – Rimmel Commercial with Rita Ora

Elizabeth Potaczala and Maria West will be working with Rita Ora !

18th January 2017 – Lucozade Commercial

Jevan Sintim (13) and Kelvin Hilary (10) both heading for success – keep pushing boys!

15th January 2017 – Lovely to hear from Tasha Vora (28) about her success following Kube shoot on 3rd Sept 2016

Just thought I would drop you a note of how I have been getting on since my visit to Kube Studios.

I was invited to Kube Studios last year in September and had a really enjoyable time there. Several months later, I received an email from Millie (from Kube) informing me that she had found another Modelling Agency (AM Models Agency) to represent me. I was really surprised to hear that even months after my visit, you were still recommending me, and putting my name/portfolio forward to agencies – thank you so much.

AM Models Agency has recently been in touch. Only one week after joining their agency they have already been in touch with two modelling opportunities. One is a live exhibition in February (The National Asian Wedding Show) and the other is a photoshoot in March. These will be my first professional modelling jobs and I am really excited to be doing these, especially with AM Models Agency, as they have been very encouraging and supportive. I am so impressed with how quickly they managed to find me work.

I am also very grateful and thankful for the opportunity to have been invited to Kube Studios. After-all this has only become possible thanks to the hard work from the team at Kube, thank you.

13th January 2017 – Zain Butt (10) in Film

Zain Butt has a speaking part in a Snow Maze Film – we will be watching out for you Zain

13th January 2017 – Premier League Commercial

Well done to the team at TMA for Adriana Nikolaj casting for this commercial

12th January 2017 – BBC 2

Jack Allsobrook has been confirmed to appear in a BBC 2 comedy pilot filming Spring 2017

10th Jan 2017 – Three girls a confirmed shoot for a well known Indian Bridal Magazine

Well done to   Priya Summan and Natasha Vora – shoot looks amazing!

3rd January 2017 – 5 Kube clients chosen for a BBC 2 Comedy Pilot

Filming in the spring Flame Dunn, Michaela Flori, Endrit Mjekiqi, Sophia-Sara Beardsall  and Donate Zekiene have been shortlisted and a special congratulations to Amy Smithson (19) who has been confirmed to play a grumpy shop assistant! Can’t wait to watch it!!

30th December 2017 -  Oscar Swann (8) and Zion Oyewumi(5)

All chosen for a Disney Casting by out of hundreds of kids!

23rd December 2016 – Ian Cable (46) At Kube on 21st Nov, casting for Rolls Royce on 22nd Dec!

Congratulations to Ian Cable on yesterdays casting with Rolls Royce – we have our fingers crossed for you. As a result another agency also wants to sign you!!

20th December 2016 – David Creith – Volkswagen commercial

Congratulations David – what a great credit for a teenager! You came to us in December 2015 and no doubt have put in hard work for this outcome. well sone!

19th December 2016 – Lauren Doolan – £250 per day for role on Film

We have been asked not to mention the film but well done you. That’s great pay for a young lady! Lauren came to see us in Birmingham in mid October 2016

16th December 2016 – The Siddique family in a Co Op Commercial!

William Siddall came to Manchester on Jan 8th 2016, and thanks to our connecting him to the right agency, he and 7 family members featured on a TV advert for the Co Op, which has also had over 1.3 million views on You Tube. This was a very highly paid job and can be seen here

9th December 2016 – Princess Debien Payoyo (18) 

Well done Princess on your casting call for a major modelling job with Hogarth – keep in touch.

7th December 2016 – Jack Allsobrook – More Success! Microsoft in Japan job

“I have now signed with AM Models and Anu is already putting me forward for castings, one being a Microsoft project in Japan. I just wanted to say thank you for getting it all started for me, I really appreciate it”

5th December 2016 – Boss Productions – £250 for 4 hours shooting

Big congratulations to Will Stevenson and Edward Arelean for this great job.  Will was at Kube in May’16, and Edward in September’16

5th December 2016 – Photoshoot for 3 Kube Clients for a worthy cause

Well done to Kristina Belenska, Kristina Todorova, and Anna Marut for your casting for a worthy cause helping individual women on their path in life, with Solaris Health

2nd December 2016 – Jagermeister Audition

Too many clients to mention individually here, but good luck boys and girls!

28th November – Porsha Ledgister

Well done Porsha for joining TMA Model Management who secured you a TV appearance on a Game Show -

25th November 2016 – Ashik Ali

Lovely feedback from another happy customer: “First of all I would like to thank Jo the senior model consultant for Kube and all the staff from the Camden studio. It has been a fantastic experience.”

16th November 2016 – Casting – Jolton Paint

Well done to Jadia Osman who came to Kube Aug 13th 2016, and to El Brogy  who came in Nov 5th 2014! This was a £3,000 job

10th November – Coca Cola Casting for £10k fee!

Kube client Sebastian Harris, that came to us on 8th June – what a coup for you Sebastian. Congratulations!

18th October 2016 Fredrika Wikstrom 50+ years old

Cast for “The Bromley Boys” film

I hope you are fine. This is just a follow up to of what has happened since I got the pictures and the Z card from you and the Kube studios. Last night I was cast to take part in the movie called The Bromley Boys in Swanley. It is amazing how fast things start to happen now. I was supposed to be a football fan from the 1960′s.
You can see the pictures below! I don’t look like as I did in the beautiful pictures that I got from you.. , but the producer and the other team members were happy anyway from the way I looked and also performed. I am so happy for that.
What also has happened is that the movie makers and the production team wants to discuss how to make movies out of my three book manuscripts that I have written. That is fantastic that they are interested to meet me and take this further.


5th October Maria Serrador

Cast for Activa Advert…

Agreements: BSF £350 Buyout £15k to cover 1 Year Global, All Media for ‘Activia’ (not one specific campaign). (Also may want the right to use Artistes names as a part of campaign, although seems less likely for Actresses)

1st October 2016

From an Agency Kube Studios works with:

“Just a quick update, we have had a huge opportunity to help cast a major global feature film sequel. We have submitted all Kube Models that have joined our us for walk on and background artist roles!”

27th September Daniel Difford

Had a shoot at Kube Studios and it was a lot of fun. Got on really well with the photographer which was a big bonus. I now have an online portfolio and website which is and I have already been accepted by a Talent Agency and started to be offered work with them. Just want to say a huge thanks to everyone at Kube for their help and support!

23rd September – Agency Update

We have submitted ALL MODELS in GREEN on both MANCHESTER and LONDON spreadsheets to the following productions -

Oral B Look Closer – Commercial (Extra & Featured Work)

Compare the Market – Commercial (Extra Work)

Papilion – Feature Film

Sky Movies – Commercial

20th September Katie Hayward

Katie came to Kube in July 2016 and we helped her sign to an agency we introduced her to. In September she signed a deal with the BBC for the main role in an upcoming film! Congratulations Katie!

16th September Gracie Davison

“As a parent I couldn’t be more proud

We went it to Kube studios September 2016 we had an amazing day my daughter was made to feel like a princess we had a lovely lady named Sally doing my daughters hair and makeup she had three changes and all three were beautiful the gentlemen who took her pictures was very nice funny and made my daughter feel very comfortable we were at Kube studio for about 5 to 6 hours then we got to look at her pictures I was absolutely blown away not only did I get her pictures to keep on a disc and a profile we also got an agent could not believe our luck our agent is very friendly and helpful and he is in the process of sorting out some jobs for her I would highly recommend the whole day thank you so much .”

1st September Eileen Noble 60+ year old

‘More Christmassy’ (Commercial) Casting

Further to your submissions for the ‘Co-Op ‘More Christmassy’ (Commercial)’, we would like to see the following for a casting on Tuesday 27th September 2016

20th August Omar Belle

A huge congratulations to Omar who has featured in the Sisley Clothing Campaign! Sisley Clothing Collection


25th July 2016

First of all I want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Kube for making all the success I’ve had in the industry so far possible. Without them I don’t know where I would be, and I would definitely recommend Kube studios to anyone. Just remember that you have to put the work in to be successful, Kube can be there to advise, support and answer any questions but it’s about getting out there and applying for roles, don’t expect it everything to just fall into your lap, that’s the best advice I can give.

21st July 2016 Ayshea Murray

The whole team (especially Sarah and Mel) were very patient and accommodating. I have never been in front of a camera before and was very nervous! They made me feel fantastic and I loved every minute of it! I came away from the shoot feeling amazing and was very impressed! On the 21/07/16 I contacted the studio and spoke to James Scott who is an amazing guy! He gave me information and advice on which agencies to contact. ON THE SAME DAY I was signed up to one agency and already have an interview with another one on the 25/07/16!!!! Kube Studios are a very professional company and I would highly recommend them to anyone!! A big thank you to the whole team!!

14th July 2016 Anthony Hoile

Right from the time the studio called to inform me that Tim had approached you, a very sceptical father has so far been well satisfied with the service. The photo shoot at Kube Studios Manchester netted 83 viable portfolio photographs across five different ranges of outfit chosen by Tim himself. I was there to guide and oversee the project but felt confident enough to leave Tim in the care of the studio! Kube Studios have helped get started.

10th July 2016 Evie Manning

Evie loved every minute of her photoshoot in Birmingham and was made to feel like a princess on the day. The staff at Kube Studios were absolutely brilliant with her. Evie enjoyed looking in mirror whilst having her hair and makeup done she kept saying i look pretty mummy.

I will be recommending Kube Studios in future I was overwhelmed with the pictures, fantastic job.

Kind regards, Rachel (mum of Evie)

29th 2016 June Mollie Hauer

I am delighted that we purchased the package. My daughter has now got a part in a TV series starting in December, she plays a Zombie and she has been signed by an acting agency in London. This is all because of her day at Kube Studios and there contacts. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Kube Studios that assisted my daughter on her photography day and a special thank you to James Scott who rang me after the shoot as there was a problem with the delivery of the pictures (down to Royal Mail not Kube Studios) he then said he would like to use my daughters pictures on Twitter to help get her known to Modelling and Acting company’s.

A BIG thank you to everyone a Kube Studios and keep up the amazing work by helping others with their dream.

 27th June 2016 Olivia Nelder

My name is Olivia Nelder and i am 16 years old i came to your studio in Birmingham in October to get my portfolio done and your staff are amazing. I am now currently doing Pageants and i have been asked to compete in the England finals for Face of the Globe!

19th June 2016 Laura Mason

My names Laura Mason I had a photo shoot today (19-06-16) I have never been in front of a camera before, I went to the Kube Studios in Manchester the staff there were so friendly, I have never done something new before and felt more comfortable with staff like I did in the Kube Studios, it was amazing! I have my portfolio, and  I honestly don’t think I would of been that confident if it wasn’t for the staff there making me feel really at home. I had an amazing day and honestly this experience has already helped me out so much! If anyone asked me for a good place to get a photoshoot done you would be my number one recommendation, I am so pleased!

14th June 2016 Lee Armer

I had my photo shoot done at kube studios Manchester, what an experience!! Really enjoyed the shoot the photographer was very easy to work with and made my first time in front of the camera very easy. The staff wer great, very helpful and seemed nice people.
I have been in touch with James Scott over Twitter and spoke to him over the phone he was very informative and helpful in giving me more advice on top of the advice kube gave me on the day.
My Twitter is @lee_armermodel

7th June 2016 Travis Sherwood

I found my experience with Kube Studios to be a very pleasant one and i would like to say thank you to everyone who helped me through out the day.
The staff at Kube Studios were super friendly and so helpful, i don’t have one negative comment to make.
I would like to say thank you to Jamelle the photographer, he was great to get on with and made the me feel a lot more comfortable when i was taking the photos.
Yours Sincerely,
Travis Sherwood


3rd June 2016 Cassia Rich

I just wanted to thank you for persuading me to do the photoshoot and giving me a confidence boost! I had an amazing time and really enjoys the whole experience! Turns out I’m a natural!
Thank you,
Cassia Rich

1st June 2016 Vineta Paberza 

My name is Vineta Paberza and I am originally from Lithuania. I have been living in the UK for nearly 10 years and I run my own business. I have always wanted to be a model but many things stopped me from giving it a try.
I went along to the photo shoot and I was really impressed with the professionalism of all the guys at the Studio. I was very nervous when I got there but the members of staff at Kube looked after me so well that before long I was feeling very comfortable. The experience of everyone there helped to calm me down and I did not feel nervous at all throughout the whole session of the shoot. Actually, I really enjoyed the whole experience. It was very exciting to have my pictures taken by a professional photographer in the centre of London. Never in my wildest dreams I would have imagined that one day that would happen for me. But it did and I was not dreaming.
Sienna at the studio was very helpful and gave me many tips that will hopefully help me to become very successful in this career. They helped me with so many things like my portfolio, my website and so many more that would have been very daunting for a complete beginner. I am enjoying the whole experience so far and my word of advice for anyone who is thinking of doing modelling is to just go for it…IT’S AWESOME


9th May 2016 – Lewis Crawshaw Anderson

We traveled down to Manchester not knowing what to expect from the visit, we wanted to see how Lewis would react in a professional studio and around professional photographers. When we arrived all the staff were welcoming and very helpful!

We had various styles of shoots with different changes of clothes and hair styles. Lewis was made to feel welcome, at ease and the team worked with Lewis’s personality – so they were funny and joking with him and he had a real laugh with everyone and overall he really enjoyed his day and the whole experience!

I would certainly recommend Kube Studios as it’s not only the professional images they produce but also the fantastic advice and overall after care that I have received especially from James Scott! I did not expect James or Kube Studios to try and promote Lewis as much as they have and I am so grateful! I am still getting to know the industry and how it works and actually finding out what it is that I want for Lewis but with James watching my back and giving me all the advice I require I know that it will be positive and eventually rewarding for Lewis.


1st May 2016 – Sam Colman

 I am sat here trying to put my day with Kube into more words that just… I LOVED IT!!From the minute the first phone call came through from James Scott I received so much guidance. I spoke with James several times before the day of my photoshoot, he helped me with ideas for outfits and poses, told me about other models on Twitter to have a look at and what styles would suit me. This was a huge relief and I love James for it, he is so easy to talk to and made me incredibly excited about the day!

I spent the day of my shoot in the Birmingham studio and instantly felt relaxed, the guys there helped me put a few outfits together and talked me through the day. Sabine, my hair and make-up hero for the day, is so talented and I loved every hair style she created. Each hairstyle was completely different to the one before and Sabine tied each one in with my outfit perfectly and really finished off the look. She was so patient and helpful as I asked so many questions in the hope I might be able to do more with my own hair day-to-day and I am so grateful to her for that.

I have had a few photoshoots in the past with different studio’s but none of them have made me feel as comfortable and excited as doing my recent portfolio with Kube. I absolutely love the photos that have come from the shoot and I have been introduced to so many new friends through this.

The support that I have received from Kube Studios, James Scott and other models has been amazing. A website has been put together for me, which is amazing. It is an online portfolio, making viewing my images so easy for possible agencies and friends – . Along with z-cards, a complete CD of all the images taken on the shoot and a paper file – all very professionally done. I am also currently Kube’s header model!! James has also helped me make the most from my Twitter account, really using it and retweeting my posts to help get my name out there.


24th April 2016 -Christopher Bourn

Hi, I came to the manchester studio around 4 months ago and was successful at my shoot. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your team and let you know how much this has helped me, before I came to my shoot my dad had walked out on me and my family I thought how could I make some money to support my family now that he has left, I thought of modelling and only when I started doing it was when I realised how much of a love and passion I have for being in front of the camera and letting the true me shine through because for the time I’m shooting I’m happy! Thank you so very much kube!