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Who Are

Welcome to Kube Studios. We are a fashion photography studio. We are not a modelling agency and do not claim to be. We sell portfolios to models and other goods to be used for self promotion such as Efolios and Zcards.  However, we have been harassed online by a company saying we are a scam and that we say we are a modelling agency and this is false. Their name is Model Scams and their websites include and They make money by selling model’s data to photographic studios who pay them a kickback. Even more worryingly they have written bad reviews about us (and all our competitors) and climbed up the Google ranking for our trade names, and collect clicks and client’s details to sell on, and also to BLACKMAIL  us offering to change the negative review to a positive review in return for monthly payments! Below you will see proof – proof that has been passed on to the Metropolitan Police, who are now investigating through CID at the Charring Cross Branch. The crime reference number is: 6530574/15

Police Investigation

We need help from you in collecting information about them. They are turning our clients away from us by claiming we are a scam when we are not. This is resulting in financial loss for them which we will recoup through litigation. The police are building a case against them for blackmail.

Below is proof of the blackmail, which we are revealing so that our clients can see that have duped them into believing we are a scam in order to have an impact on our business so that we are more likely to pay them their blackmail money to make the reviews positive. We have also passed other information onto the police including recorded telephone conversations with their representative who explains what we would get in return for a monthly retainer.

Model Scams are a slander, extortion, and lead generation website praying on aspiring models through Facebook, Twitter and their website. They are run by modellingjobs4U who make their money referring new models to photographic studios to get their portfolio done i.e. our competition. They have approached Kube Studios to pay money in order to stop harassing them. Below are screenshots showing their hate campaign over the last few months. They won’t stop until they get their extortion money, which we won’t pay!


Here is an email from Kube Studios director Mike Hannah with a crime reference number showing that the police are dealing with them:

Below is an email from CID Charring Cross which mentions the “blackmail” though it does not mention the organisation they are investigating. They are (aka running out of Croydon. They use social media and SEO on our (and our competitors) trading names in order to attract our clients. They approach a lot of our clients through our Twitter feed – I will send you an extract from the email they sent me asking for money in return for a favourable review. CID, Charring Cross Branch of the Metropolitan Police are investigating the crime of blackmail against

Crime Ref numnber – 6530574/15

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: <*****.*****>
Date: Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 6:17 PM
Subject: Update on your crime – 6530574/15
To: ***

Dear Mr Hannah

I am writing to provide you with an update on the investigation of your crime.

I am sorry that I have not had the time to get in contact with you with regard to your investigation. I have submitted requests for information about the email address, websites and telephone numbers and I am waiting for the results of these investigations. They should give me names and addresses of the people involved in the attempted blackmail of you and your company. As soon as I have anything new to report I will be in contact.

As soon as I have further information I will be in contact again. However, if you have any queries in the meantime, please feel free to contact me using the details at the bottom of this email.

Yours sincerely

TDC * *****

Kube Studios are helping the Police build up a case against and those that are behind the website.
If you have been contacted by them and they have suggested something which would make you think adversely about us, please contact us immediately. It is so important that we have a solid prosecution against them. You can contact us to report Model Scams ( on this email address:


The above is the proposal, and below is the summary

Of the Blackmail







Model Scams Facebook and Twitter Hate Campaigns
In order to extort money out of studios around the UK, Model Scams carry out social media harassment of the businesses and their clients. They have started private Facebook groups and fake profiles on Facebook and Twitter posing as real people warning clients away:

The way they make money is asking the studios to pay money for them to stop, to remove the bad pages about them, and for leads (or new business). When they refuse to pay them, Model Scams go to work.




On their website they claim to be owned by Enough is Enough Limited:

But this company has been dissolved….

They are hiding as what they are doing is WRONG. It is ILLEGAL. And the VICTIM is the model.

Isn’t it also strange that they recommend Craze Models … who are also based in Croydon… just like them, and Modellingjobs4U and everyone else they associate with and all the directors associated with all these front companies…

CRAZE MODEL MANAGEMENT | AMP HOUSE | DINGWALL ROAD | CR0 2LX | LONDON | TEL : 020 3369 8734 | 020 3369 8735

In fact Craze Models Limited is owned by Runway Success Limited, owned by the same people as Modellingjobs4U – the guys that blackmailed us. New information yet to be given to the Police (as we write but soon to be!)